My name is Julie Pham and I am an energy healer. What I do is provide energy healing for physical conditions as well as providing intuitive counseling. I aim to support you in your well-being by helping you to become healthier both spiritually and physically, as I believe they are interconnected. I strive to create an environment free of judgment but full of empathy.  

I do this work because I believe it is incredibly important. With every person I help strive towards wholeness and health, I help to heal myself and by extension the world. Buddhist say that the biggest illusion of all is that we are separate. I've learned this to be true. We are one and of each other, all the same but each a one. We are reflections and symbols for one another so that we may learn and grow.  As we grow we shift the energies of the collective consciousness, raising our vibrations to a higher frequency. This is the goal.

I provide healing so that you move towards being fully who you are.  We are born flawed and limited so that we may expand to be the fullest expression of our Selves. 

It would be an honor to provide support, healing, and relief during the spiritual journey we call life.